Open Sessions

3 hours for 15$ (if paid online) or 20$ (walk-ins)

The open sessions are a chance for artists of all levels to work from a live model. There is no formal instruction during open sessions, but participants learn from each other. We practice shop talk and share our tricks of the trade. The length of the poses vary from two hours to six hours.




Upon request • varies

Occasionally, the model will wear a costume. So far, Cyn, one of our favorite models, has worn a Flamenco Dancer and a Belly Dancer costume. Recently, Lulu dressed as a "Jazz Diva." 

Cyn as a Flamenco dancer.


The Nude


A nude model is featured at least once a month. I hire all types of people, in all shapes and sizes. I think everyone is interesting, and worth drawing, no matter their age. We never know what someone actually looks like until we draw them. We we slow down and concentrate, we begin to fully appreciate the person in front of us. We learn to model form by concentrating on light, shadow, and proportions. 


People paint and draw during the open sessions.

People paint and draw during the open sessions.












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