Drawing Into Painting

Mondays @ 1pm to 4 PM

 • 3 hours/$30 per class

  • 10 week class

Learn the fundamentals of drawing before picking up a paint brush. Painting many more variables such as color, texture and moisture. For this reason, students learn how to draw for the first five weeks. Subjects include geometric shapes, skulls, portraits, and figures. Live models will be present every other week. In the last five weeks, students will explore color theory, underpainting, and texture. Students may use either water-based paints such as watercolor or acrylic. However, students are also permitted to explore oil painting.


Price Structure

Drop-in • punch cards

Unlike other classes in which students must pay upfront, my classes are different. Students only pay for the classes they attend, and save when purchasing a package of classes. 

One class: $30

5 classes: $120

10 classes: $235