Sarah is an exceptional teacher because she works with her students to establish individual goals and to chart a path forward. She draws on her own skills and her extensive knowledge of technique, anatomy and art history to guide her students. In addition, Sarah creates a warm and supportive environment in the classroom which enables her students to learn from each other, as well. Most importantly, she encourages each of us to find our own voice, to experiment, and to enjoy the process as we work.
— Ronna Stamm


Experience, Professionalism, Reputation and Engagement

Sarah Kaiser not only encourages and mentors us, she works quietly to raise my artistic sensibility in line with and often beyond what I may believe is my own artistic capability. Her positive attitude allows me to work comfortably, and also to push myself harder – or even to fail – without fear or embarrassment. It has been proven that, with guidance such as she offers, failure can lead to remarkable achievements, and that learning is not always gradual, it can occur in spurts. In addition, Sarah fosters a team classroom spirit, which is sometimes difficult to achieve in the arts.
— Marcia Zuckerman
Compassionate, helpful, and excellent teaching skills, good comraderie.
— Valerie Simosko    

Sarah gives every student her undivided attention and she knows so much about art and she is a very personable and supportive teacher.
— Rhoda Bernstein

Sarah’s Saturday drop-in figure drawing classes are a real treat! I come to class merely to experiment in life drawing. I am a beginner and get frustrated at times, but with the drop-in nature of this class I am challenged to return and continue experimenting. In this setting, I can learn at my own pace and gain insight from watching others draw. The sessions are run professionally; they start and end on time, are quiet and have no interruptions, and offer plenty of space and supplies. The class provides wonderful opportunity to give myself the gift of uninterrupted, focus time.

Sarah is an outstanding and highly skilled artist. She also a very kind and generous person. I highly recommend working with her individually or taking one of her classes; you will gain solid fundamentals if you’re a beginner or improve your work if you are are a seasoned artist... and her classes are just an all-around pleasant experience. I plan to continue learning from her and always enjoy inspiration from her bold, dramatic, and always interesting work!
— Julia Cunningham
I’ve been taking art classes for 50 years and have known many instructors. Sarah Kaiser is among the best. She’s talented, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and encouraging—everything you need to learn and improve.
— Greg Kirrish
Pastel Drawing by Phil Tesinsky, 2018

Pastel Drawing by Phil Tesinsky, 2018